Can I shoot or snort Suboxone?

Can I shoot or snort Suboxone?

If you are wondering if you can shoot or snort suboxone you have to get back to basics. Basics like, what does suboxone consist of. You may not think this is important and just want the answer to your question; can I shoot or snort suboxone? The answer to the question is, you can but you might not want to and the basics of suboxone are why.

What is Suboxone and what is in it?

Suboxone is buprenorphine and naloxone. Buprenorphine is an opioid medication that is similar to morphine and codeine although it is not as intense. As for naloxone, naloxone is an opioid blocker. Naloxone blocks the euphoric effects of morphine and codeine. Sounds contradictory right? Well, there is a reason there is naloxone in Suboxone along with buprenorphine.

The buprenorphine in Suboxone is used to help withdrawal symptoms of opiate withdrawal and the naloxone is to make sure you don’t take any other opiates or use Suboxone in the wrong way.

One of the other little secrets about the naloxone in Suboxone is that it also can send you into horrific and painful withdrawal if you try to take it the wrong way, meaning shoot or snort it, or take any other opiates with it. Suboxone taken while on other opiates can also cause severe withdrawal symptoms.

So can you shoot or snort Suboxone?

The answer is you are capable of doing that but because of naloxone in Suboxone you won’t get any type of high from shooting or snorting Suboxone. When Suboxone is shot up or crushed and snorted it activates the naloxone and then blocks the effects of the buprenorphine in it that you are trying to get high off of.  When you take Suboxone as directed, orally under the tongue you will be able to feel the effects of buprenorphine in it and the naloxone is not active. If you try to do anything else with Suboxone you will get absolutely no effects from it.

So if you choose to you can very well put Suboxone into a needle and shoot it up or crush it up and snort it but it is not recommended. Also if you are wondering if you can shoot or snort Suboxone and even after reading these decide that you still want to give it a “shot” pun intended, be careful. Shooting Suboxone is very dangerous for your veins not only that but it can cause severe withdrawal symptoms which is what you are trying to avoid right? It also will leave a very orangey tasting, smelling residue in your nose if you snort it and could also cause severe withdrawal symptoms.

Suboxone has one intended purpose and that’s to help with the withdrawal from other opiates. It is very ineffective for recreational use unless you intended to take it as it is recommended