Roxy Rehab for Women

Roxy Rehab for Women

For those who don’t know, “Roxy” is the street name for the drug oxycodone. It is a shortened version of the brand name for the drug “Roxicodone.” Oxycodone is a prescription narcotic painkiller, and it’s basically a synthetic version of heroin. With that said, oxycodone can be an effective medication if prescribed and taken responsibly. However, Roxy addiction is a growing problem in the US. Opiate painkillers like proxies are the most commonly prescribed drug in the United States, and the growing prescription painkiller abuse epidemic has created a whole new class of drug addicts.

Roxy rehab for women is designed to respond to the new class of drug addicts. Some who attend roxy rehab for women became addicted after having legitimate prescriptions for roxy. They may have gone to the doctor for a real ailment and walked away with a prescription for this powerfully addictive narcotic. Pretty soon, they realize they need more and more of the drug to get the same effect.

Others who come to roxy rehab for women may have simply tried roxies because it seemed safer than illicit drugs. Studies show that women tend to gravitate towards prescription drugs rather than street drugs like heroin. They mistakenly believe that because the medication is prescribed by doctors and its manufacture is regulated, it is “safer” than, say, heroin. Either way, roxy abuse is a growing problem among American women.

Roxy rehab for women involves a safe, medical detox. Anyone who has become addicted to roxies knows how painful it is when you run out or try to stop. The body often goes through horrible withdrawal because it has been dependent on roxies. That is why detox is so important. In the detox portion of roxy rehab you will be given medication to treat the unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal. This makes it much, much easier to wean yourself off of roxies for good, and to no longer be a slave to pills.

Roxy rehab for women is geared towards the needs of women who have become dependent on roxies. Women are underrepresented in most treatment centers, because women have a harder time reaching out for help. In a mixed gender setting, women may not have the same kind of attention or focus on their gender-specific issues as they would at a women’s treatment center.

Roxy rehab for women addresses the specific needs of women. Sometimes women suffering from addiction have issues that are overlooked or discounted at a mixed gender treatment center, like child-care responsibilities and sexual trauma. Roxy rehab for women allows women to focus on these issues.

Studies have shown that women-only treatment centers like roxy rehab for women have a greater success rate than traditional treatment center. By focusing on the gender-specific treatment protocols, roxy rehab for women is better able to meet the treatment needs of women who have become addicted to roxies and other substances. By doing this, roxy rehab for women gives clients the absolute best chance of success and long term sobriety.

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