How to Find a Roxy Rehab Center

Finding a rehab center for roxy addiction can be a confusing and time consuming process for people who don’t know what they are looking for. A simple Internet search can turn up thousands of results. There are so many different types of facilities, programs, and treatment facilities to choose from. The good news is that almost any type of drug treatment facility will have experience in treating roxy addiction, because it has become such a prevalent addiction in this country. To help narrow down the search, here are some basic guidelines:

First, you need to ask yourself, or your doctor, how severe your roxy addiction is. If you experience withdrawals when you do not take roxies, you probably should seek a treatment center that offers a detox process. Withdrawal from roxies can be very uncomfortable, and many who try to do it at home end up relapsing to relieve the discomfort. In a medical detox facility, medical professionals will be able to administer medication to relieve the withdrawal symptoms and monitor your vitals to ensure the process is safe.

The second step in finding a roxy rehab center is to check with your health insurance provider. Most major health insurance plans will cover a stay in a roxy rehab center, but they may only cover certain facilities. This is important because a 30 day stay at a treatment center can cost, on average, $20,000. Be sure to ask your health insurance which treatment centers they cover, how long you can stay in treatment, and how much, if any, you will have to pay out-of-pocket.

If you have other mental disorders that need treatment, you should be sure that the roxy rehab center is equipped to treat this. There are many “dual-diagnosis” roxy rehab centers that are equipped to treat co-occurring mental disorders like anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and eating disorders. Similarly, if you have any special needs, you should make sure that the roxy rehab center is prepared to accommodate you. Make sure that they are wheelchair accessible if you are non-ambulatory and ensure that they are able to accommodate any special dietary needs you may have.

Next, check the credentials of the roxy rehab center you are considering. Ask them about the education of their staff. Find out how long the roxy rehab center has been treating patients and what their success rate is.

There are many different kinds of roxy rehab centers. To find the right one for you, ask what their program entails. Find out what their philosophy is in treating addiction. These questions may help you learn more about the program at a roxy rehab center:

  • Do you use a 12-step approach or an alternative treatment philosophy?
  • Is it inpatient or outpatient treatment?
  • What is the average length of stay?
  • What methods do you use to treat patients?
  • How are families involved in the treatment process?
  • Does your treatment center offer any follow-up program to help prevent relapse?
  • What is your staff to client ratio?
  • What are the goals and philosophy of your drug and alcohol rehab center?

Finally, visit the roxy rehab center if possible. Check out their living and treatment accommodations. Pictures of rehab centers can often be deceiving, so it’s best to see them in person whenever possible.

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