What do Roxy’s look like?

What do Roxy's look like?
What do Roxy’s look like?

What do Roxy’s look like?

Roxy is the street name for the prescription drug Roxicodone (generic name is Oxycodone Hydrochloride). It comes in different strengths, and each one looks different. In general, Roxy’s are small, round pills. They are not capsules, because the drug is an immediate release formulation (unlike the drug OxyContin, which is the time-release formula of oxycodone hydrochloride.)

The most common street formulation of Roxy’s is the 30mg strength. Generally, the 30 milligram Roxy’s are small, round, and range from light to dark blue in color. All generic Roxy has the same active ingredient, but the different types of generics have different inactive ingredients. Some illicit users are very specific about the type of Roxy’s they buy. They claim that binders in some of the formulation make the pills harder to break down for injecting or snorting. When manufacturers make generics, they just have to ensure that they have the same bioavailability (amount of free, active drug in the system) as the real thing. However, in the case of oral drugs like Roxy’s, they only have to have the same ORAL bioavailability. Thus, different types of generic roxies could very well have different bioavailability for injection or snorting when compared to other types depending on the inactive ingredients.

The 15 milligram Roxy’s are also often sold on the streets. These pills are also small and round and they usually are some shade of green.  There are also 5, 10, and 20 milligram Roxy’s, but these are rarer. 5 milligram pills are usually brown or white in color, 10 milligrams may be pink, and 20 milligrams are usually some shade of grey.

Keep in mind that these are just generalities. New types of generic pills come out all the time, and they don’t need to adhere to any specific look or color. If you don’t know if the pill you have is a Roxy, you should double check.

What do Roxy’s look like? : How to check an unknown pill

If you buy Roxy’s on the street, and they don’t look like what you would expect or you don’t know what Roxy’s look like, you should always double check online. There are several free online sites that will tell you what kind of pill you have so you know what you are taking. This is very important for safety reasons.

If you type “Pill identifier” into your browser, several different sites will come up. You can type in identifying features of your pill such as size, shape, color, and imprints and the sites will tell you what the pill is. Usually, they will even provide a picture so that you can compare your unknown pill to the real thing.

Keep in mind that online sites sometimes sell counterfeit pills. Sometimes these will look identical and even have the same imprints as the real thing. There is really no way to tell, so it’s best to avoid ordering Roxy’s online, especially from any online pharmacy that is advertised via spam email.