5 Stupid Things You Might Do On Roxies

5 Stupid Things You Might Do On Roxies

I’ve done a lot of stupid things on roxies. Roxies kind of made me feel invincible, and I never realized how high I actually was. I thought I was fooling everyone around me, but in the end I was just fooling myself. Here are the top 5 stupid things I did on roxies.

5 Stupid Things You Might Do On Roxies: Burn yourself

Anyone who smokes cigarettes while doing roxies has probably burned themselves at some point. Towards the end of my run, I didn’t own any clothes without burn marks on them. I’d get high, light a cigarette, and nod out. The burning of my skin would rouse me slightly, but since I was on painkillers, it would sometimes take a minute before I really felt the burn. I’d wake slightly, take a drag, and nod back out. This cycle would repeat itself over and over.

5 Stupid Things You Might Do On Roxies: Nod out in public

When I was on roxies, I always believed that I was completely fooling everyone around me. I’d go on with my normal life, and not even realize that it was totally apparent that I was high. I nodded out at my desk at work, at family functions, and during class. It wasn’t until I got clean that I realized that I wasn’t fooling anyone.

5 Stupid Things You Might Do On Roxies: Drive High

I always thought I was good to drive when I was on roxies. Even when I could barely keep my eyes open, I’d get behind the wheel. This was a really stupid thing to do on roxies. My reaction time was so much slower than a normal person. I ended up getting in two major accidents within three months, and only by the grace of God did I avoid a DUI charge.

5 Stupid Things You Might Do On Roxies: Call the cops

I When I was home for Christmas, my sisters reminded me of something that happened while I was still using. My roxies were prescribed by pill mill doctors, so I had prescriptions for them. One day, my worried mom took my prescription bottles, and I freaked out. I didn’t care that she loved me and wanted the best for me. I didn’t care that she was the only one who had put up with me for so long; that she had provided me a place to live, food and a car when my addiction got bad. All I cared about was getting the drugs back. I called the cops on my mom, and they came and made her give me back the prescription bottles.

5 Stupid Things You Might Do On Roxies: Drink

For me, drinking while I was on roxies was one of the stupidest things I could do. It meant instant blackout. The next morning, I would wake up with heaviness in the pit of my stomach, trying to remember what the hell had happened the night before. Not to mention that drinking while I was on roxies was a really great way to overdose, not that I ever really considered that while I was using.