Roxy, or Roxicodone, addiction has been growing in the US at an extraordinary rate. The repercussions of this addiction can be very serious, even fatal. Roxicodone is a powerful narcotic painkiller that has been helpful for people suffering from extreme pain conditions. Unfortunately, roxies are also very addictive and they have a high incidence of abuse. Roxicodone abuse leads to harmful consequences and painful withdrawal symptoms. This website is dedicated to helping raise awareness for Roxicodone abuse by covering the following topics:

What is Roxy? – Roxy is the street name for the drug oxycodone. It is derived from the brand name of the medication, Roxicodone. Read more about the definition of Roxy.  Read More

The History of Roxy – Oxycodone is a powerful analgesic synthesized from thebaine, which is derived from the opium plant. It was developed in Germany in 1916 as an alternative to heroin, which had been outlawed a couple years prior. It was hoped that oxycodone would have the analgesic (pain-killing) power of heroin without the dependence issues. Read more about The History of Roxy. Read More

Signs of a Roxy Addict – Roxy addiction has become very prevalent in the US. Many people know someone who has abused roxies at some point. Others may have suspicions that someone they know is abusing roxies, but they don’t know for sure. So, how do you find out? What are the signs of a roxy addict? Read more about the Signs of a Roxy Addict. Read More

How to Find a Roxy Rehab – Finding a rehab center for roxy addiction can be a confusing and time consuming process for people who don’t know what they are looking for. A simple Internet search can turn up thousands of results. There are so many different types of facilities, programs, and treatment facilities to choose from. Read more about How to Find a Roxy Rehab. Read More